At Remembrance Wellness and Yoga (RWAY), we want you to experience the full power of yoga.  We specialize in yoga and wellness for women's health, under-served communities, and social justice and trauma healing. We focus on healing rather than fitness with gentle, restorative programs and offerings.


RWAY is a unique, traveling studio! We partner with local health centers and community-based organizations across Denver, Colorado and beyond to provide access yoga and non-traditional wellness services. 


It is our goal to bring greater awareness to the truths of yoga, make it accessible to all communities, and provide a compassionate and welcoming atmosphere for reflection and transformation. Our sessions are light and fun and create space for expression of a range of emotions.

Kinyata Jackson was born and raised in Denver. From an early age, Kinyata has always felt connected to people and had a heart for those in need. Making up her mind to make a difference in the lives of all she could impact, Kinyata set out on a path of volunteering, advocacy, and healing work. As a part of reinventing herself, in 2016 Kinyata completed 200+ hours to training in areas of yoga, meditation and chakra healing.  From this evolution Remembrance Wellness and Yoga was birthed. Kinyata continues to learn and develop deeper techniques for healing including become a certified Yoni Breath instructor, a trauma informed children's yoga instructor with bhavanaKids and a certified chakra energy healer. Kinyata is a grateful wife, mother and leader that continues to serve community through RWAY's programs civic engagement on local and state boards, national coalitions and equity work. 


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