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Our Teachers

Kinyata Jackson


Kinyata Jackson was born and raised in Denver and believes she has truly experienced the beauty of diversity that makes Colorado special.  From an early age, Kinyata has always felt connected to people and had a heart for those burdened by life’s unfortunate circumstances.  Making up her mind to make a difference in the lives of all she could impact, Kinyata set out on a path of volunteering, advocacy, and healing work.  Kinyata has given countless hours to organizations that support research for Lupus, youth empowerment, family and women’s rights, racial and social justice as well as dedicated her life to serving the children and youth of Colorado. Participation in 9to5 Colorado's Community Internships Program in 2015 led Kinyata down a path of healing and of self-creation.  As a part of reinventing herself, in 2016 Kinyata completed 200+ hours to training in areas of yoga, meditation and chakra healing.  From this evolution Remembrance Wellness and Yoga was birthed. Kinyata continues to learn and develop deeper techniques for healing including become a certified Yoni Breath instructor, a trauma informed children's yoga instructor with bhavanaKids and a certified chakra energy healer.  Kinyata is a proud wife and mother that continues to serve community through civic engagement on local and state boards, national coalitions and through her programs. 

Nathan Roston IV


Nathan Roston IV takes pride in serving his community.  An advocate for youth and the family, he desires to see people of color leading a more holistic lifestyle. Serving in education, Nathan specializes in custom curriculum designed to empower his students through goal setting, financial literacy/freedom, and self-sustainability. He achieves these outcomes through a combination of traditional academic studies and holistic healing arts such as yoga, mindfulness and connecting with nature. In his current capacity as Student Engagement Advocate with DPS, Nathan is able to lead projects such as district wide gardening programs, provide mindfulness support for fellow educators, and secure resources on behalf of the family’s he serves. In his downtime, Nathan enjoys spending time with his highly supportive and engages family, as well as traveling and creating new business ventures and ideas.

Asha Chhabildas


Asha has supported the social and emotional needs of children and adolescents in school, museum and hospital settings for more than a decade working in the domains of education and advocacy. In 2015, after the birth of her own daughter, she began her journey with yoga. As she discovered that yoga practices house the potential for profound healing and personal transformation, she became passionate about sharing the tools of yoga and meditation with others.She sees teaching as a vehicle for building meaningful relationships and an opportunity to deepen her own experience of yoga. Asha is a Take a Breath facilitator and a volunteer with the Connection Coalition. She has studied yoga in Colorado, Florida and India, completed two Yoga Nidra certifications, Reiki 1, Reiki ll and Master Level Reiki certifications, a trauma informed yoga teacher training for youth, and a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Amrit Yoga Institute. She also enjoys art, spending time outdoors, and making people laugh!

Chanel Duncan


Yoga has been a part of Chanel's life since the age of 12, thanks to free yoga classes given by an instructor who lived in her Queens, New York, apartment building. In 2006, she returned to yoga again while deployed overseas as an Army officer to balance her daily running and weight lifting routine. 

In 2010, her relationship with yoga completely shifted from just another source of exercise to her mental and spiritual refuge. She began regularly attending Bikram classes to rehab her shoulder after surgery and experienced the peace and euphoria that a regular practice could provide. 

Chanel believes that yoga is not only about the union of the mind, body, and soul but also the connection between yoga teacher and student. She became a teacher to foster a fun and safe space for students of all levels and backgrounds to practice. Her sequences are intelligently and intuitively woven together, providing her students with what their bodies and spirits need in that moment.