3 Fun Ways to Meditate Daily

Peace and Blessings Family,

We've all heard about meditation right? Does your mind automatically picture an old sage like man sitting with his legs crossed and long beard? Or do you envision people chanting Om with beads and gongs?

Meditation is not limited to quieting the mind while the body is resting, meditation can take on many forms. Below I share three ways I release stress, find grounding and alignment in my life outside of traditional meditation practices.

1. Dance - movement is a great way to shift and process energy out of the body. Because of the chemical release of endorphins during exercise, dance is one way to transform negativity into a positive feeling.

2. Coloring - adult coloring books are the new craze and for good reason. Spending 30 minutes before bed helps to "hypnotize" the mind. Most books feature patterns designed to induce a state of relaxation.

3. Practice Gratitude - giving thanks for a new day, appreciate an opportunity even when it is challenging, celebrating a chance for growth and deeper understanding of a problem are simple ways we can use gratitude to shift our thinking outlook and perspective on life.

When practiced on a regular basis, meditation can help to maintain a stress-free life, reduce affects of aging, improve brain function, increase quality of sleep, regulate metabolism, support immune system and more.

How are you enhancing your quality of life through meditation?

Love & Light

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