5 Ways I Rebuilt My Practice After Giving Birth

Peace Family,

It has been awhile since I've dropped you good folk a line, and even longer since I had stepped onto my yoga mat. You may know I recently had a very trying pregnancy where I was sick all the time, I mean the whole shabang! And then there is the beauty of #childbirth!

Needless to say for the past 11 months have been challenging with the many changes to my physical and emotional bodies as well as my hormones. It was difficult to even eat or drink during my #pregnancy, I was even hospitalized to receive fluids; I struggled to stay healthy. I had the awesome and painful pleasure of delivering vaginally with this baby. A whole 17 hours of labor, 1.5 hours of pushing and another 45 minutes to deliver the #placenta!

Yesterday marked #9WeeksPostpartum and two weeks since I returned to my mat. What a blessing it was to sneak into my sons room while he was at dads for my first yoga practice. I lasted a whole 15 minutes lol! I was so thankful my spirit would not allow me to feel pity for what I usually consider warm-up. It would be another week before I'd return to the mat, this time for 30 minutes. I was amazed at what I could still do and gently took note of the places I had work to do.

This week I have practiced two days in a row and my body feels great! I am back up to an hour and including my #YoniBreathing #Meditation to aid in strengthening my #pelvicfloor and #vaginalmuscles. Gratitude and excitement are the two words that come to heart. I am grateful for the foundation that was laid three years ago in my yoga teacher training that I stand on and return to. Excited for this journey of growth the second time around! My life transformed drastically three years ago; who knows where yoga will take me this time.

Here are my top five tips for rebuilding or revitalizing a practice:

1. Just Do It - don't allow a need for perfection to keep you from getting started. When you body says its time, honor that voice and watch magic happen! Regardless of the time, place or location - just get going.

2. Make it Special - find some way to make your practice special. Go outside in the sun, make a cup of tea afterward, create a complimentary playlist. Whatever it is, reward yourself through your practice routine.

3. Be Patient - allow time for muscle memory to set it and make peace when it does not. The body may move differently, your mat time may be shorter, you may exceed you expectations. The point is to not seek out the practice we had, but to embrace building a new one.

4. Get Accountable - find a #YogaBuddy or friend to keep you on track when you want to give up. I joined a #yogachallenge on instagram to hold myself accountable for practicing daily and posting to my social media.

5. Embrace the Journey - buckle up and get ready for the ride! Have visiting and revisiting the reasons #yoga is amazing! Prepare for the ups and downs and bring with you the knowledge and wisdom you'e gained along the way!

Love and Light,


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