Affirm Your Way to Overcoming Challenges

Peace and Blessings Family,

Let's be honest here, life is hectic, we are overstimulated and constantly bombarded with challenges at every turn. Whether our struggles center around home life, workplace challenges, family life or within our personal goals, the struggle is REAL.

Challenging situations such as pressure to perform at work, changes in our home structure, or not meeting our own expectations for life often leave us feeling deflated, unworthy while chipping away at our confidence to succeed in any area. I recently felt completely unable to move forward in business and home life during the first trimester of my pregnancy. I experience extreme illness and dropped several balls that left me unsure of how to recover or bounce back.

Circumstances that require stepping out of a comfort zone also require tapping into the power of the mind. It is in moments of uncertainty that using affirmative quotes and mantras aid in redirecting our energy and our focus.

Affirmations and mantras can be borrowed or personal written. Take two minutes to identify an area in which you are being challenged right now and right a quick 2-3 sentence affirmation to recite when you feel yourself spiraling down. You can also create a mantra, a phrase repeated and held in mind during meditation. We encourage to write a mantra and place it somewhere you will look at it regularly to bring added peace to your life. Be sure to speak in an affirmative tone!

Repeat your affirmations daily, as many times as your spirit says necessary. Spend time focused on your mantra allowing positive energy to flow through your being as you connect your desire with the universal energy surrounding you. We recommend trying this practice for at least 30 days for maximized results.

Our current mantra is: I am manifesting a life of abundance. My life is abundant in health and wellness. My life is abundant in love, business and finance. My family enjoys financial security and wealth. Share yours in the comments section!

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