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You've seen it before right? The patient on a chaise lounge chair in a fancily decorated office and the therapist with the notepad. From movies to tv shows, this is the image of therapy we are given. Socially, it is frowned upon to need or utilize the services of a therapist, but can I conversation create change?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Our Energy Cleanse takes advantage of honest, intentional, and direct conversation to create a clear picture of what is holding us back in our mind, body and spirits. Through pre-determined questions, thoughts, behavioral patterns, life cycles, and traumatic events can be changed and healed.

While our team is trained to engage with the energy centers of the body to identify blockages, you can do a simple check-in with yourself daily as situations arise that trigger energy within you.

Are you frustrated with a certain co-worker? Does your intention seem to miss the target on impact when you are communicating? The next time you are in a situation that is not going the way you planned, pause. Take a few moments of deep breathing and begin to ask - why am I feeling this way? Am I looking at the current situation for what it is or bringing past energy to the present? What is really bothering about this?

We recommend an energy cleanse once per quarter. As we move throughout the year, there are shifts of energy, planet rotation, celestial alignment, as well as the daily obstacles and challenges of life. Centering and connecting your mind, body and spirit regularly helps to ensure you are in tune with change, ready for the change, and prepared to receive the blessings and challenges ahead.

Use Code CONVERSATIONS to save 10% off a Energy Cleansing Session through 1/31/20.

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