Corona + Chill

Peace and Blessings Family,

Let's stop and breathe, smile. You are here, welcome. So much is happening a more than an alarming pace. The restricting of constitutional rights, economic downturn and complete disruption of life as we know is being used a tool to create fear in the media. It is in times like this that we must all remain aware of connected to source and universal truths.

We are all exactly where we need to be in time and space in this moment. This truth helps me ground myself when I am uncertain of where life is headed or why. I remind myself that sources has always provided for and guided me and will not fail me now. Another universal truth that helps me get through tough mental times is, nature is in control and continues her cycles of life. As human life reaches a turning point, nature has always prevailed, always adjusted, adapted and birth new life each season as destined.

Know that this is apart of human destiny. When you reassign your energy and focus from panic and scarcity to love and abundance, you can begin to foster peace of mind.

7 Corona Survival Tips:

1. Unplug - stay informed, but do not over-consume media and news sources. Too much negative media creates fear.

2. Get Outdoors - sunshine and fresh air help to lift the spirits.

3. Create - activate the left side of your brain and get creating. Music, art, write, whatever moves and soothes you.

4. Organize - clean out the closets, drawers, garage and collections out. This is a great time to prepare donations in Spring Cleaning.

5. Slow down - sleep longer, read more, practice yoga, meditate, relax. Allow your mind, body and spirit to rest.

6. Connect - call/video chat family and friends, bond in your household. Reach out to your loved ones and share that love with them.

7. Re-learn - Train your mind on new habits on how to function in daily life. Working from home, schooling children, whatever adjustments this time has brought, come up with a plan for addressing things.

Spread Love,

Kinyata Jackson

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