Creating Breakthroughs for Government Housing Residents

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As you know, Remembrance Wellness & Yoga LLC (RWAY) is committed to breaking down barriers that exist in under-sourced communities in terms of access to healthful lifestyle choices. One way we remove this obstacle is delivering our programs onsite.

Over the past year and a half RWAY has partnered with local housing provider, Mercy Housing, to provide weekly chair yoga with their senior residents. Our 45 minute sessions create an opportunity for residents to socialize, build and maintain physical strength, find a common purpose and tribe. These low-impact classes are designed for the senior mind and body, incorporating brain-building movements. Residents of both properties report increased flexibility in their bodies and a constant anticipation for our cherished time together. For the elder adult audience whom is often removed from the work and immediate family scene, weekly yoga sessions become a form of therapy, group therapy for residents.

Remembrance Wellness and Yoga LLC has also partnered with Mercy Housing to serve immigrant/refugee populations and transitional housing residents. The most amazing human connection can be found in the classes held with the non-English speaking residents. While they understand little of the cues provided by the instructor, they are astute with mimicry, imitating each bend, stretch and breath. Residents of this program have the opportunity to be recognized and honored in a traditional form and safe space where their "foreign" status is not an immediate reason for judgement, racism, or violence. Our transitional housing residents experience an hour of serenity. They are led on a journey of empowerment and release as they are invited to lay down every obligation except to breathe.

Another population within government housing that benefits from yoga and mindfulness programs are children and youth. As much as adults do our best to shield children from the at times challenging situations we face, children are intuitive, aware and affected. Using story-telling, journaling, art and movement are great ways for youth to channel and release pressure from family life and academic requirements. We equip students with tools for successful futures when they are taught self-regulation, mind/body connection and the power of choice and thought.

Whether it be 60 minutes of solitude from children, a reason to get out of an apartment once a week or an opportunity to express emotion - yoga and mindfulness practices positively serve residents in government assisted programs. Employee morale and performance are also enhance through access to such wellness programs.

Read more information in the article below and book a session for your employees or residents today @

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