Manifesting an Abundant Life

Peace and Blessings Family,

You made it! You survived another Gregorian calendar year, let us celebrate! For many January 1 marks the begin of a period of newness, a fresh start, a time to create change and bring forth all of our deepest desires and goals.

In business and in life, you are on the right track if you started planning 2019 last year. While it is to our advantage to harness the energy around us, creating alignment with celestial happenings, we don't have to wait for a new year, or new day to begin moving toward our dreams.

Living intentionally and with purpose brings us closer to reaching our goals every day. Making choices that move us forward and keep in line with the resolutions we seek is where true change happens! With each second, each breath, we have the power of choice, the power of change, the power to create the abundant lives we deserve. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, holistically.

My family created vision boards that we hang in our bedrooms as a daily reminder of the year we intend to have. We also spent time in meditation at our alter giving thanks for the many blessings of 2018 and welcoming all that 2019 has in store. We lit candles, gave offerings and relished in the moment.

Whether you made a vision board, wrote down goals, held ritual or shared aloud with friends, keep your focus on creating the life you want through mindfulness in thought, speech, action and deed. You are worth every effort!

Cheers to Abundance in 2019!

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