Masculine vs Feminine in the Age of #Covid

Greetings! May You Be WELL. (smile) (breathe).

Now, I want to get straight to it - the conversation over the need to produce during quarantine and the push back to simply be. If we are lucky, we've been on both sides of the coin, able to rest and rejuvenate as well as refine or learn a new skill right? I say WRONG!

Before you stop reading, let me explain. Because I have indeed done both and wish I more rest happening right now!

Let's start by affirming the fact that no two people, let alone cultures or communities are experiencing the effects of #CoronaVirus the same. When we place expectations on what we or others should accomplish during this global #pandemic, we must be clear on who is being impacted and how, before I can adequately move forward in explaining why rest is indeed synonymous with production as well as why each of us will show up differently at different times throughout the next few months as we continue to adjust to life and the new regulations set forth for us.

Prior to the pandemic we lived and functioned in some capacity in a world run on masculine energy. Beyond the idea of the world being male dominated in many labor sectors, the actual energy we moved about with spoke to masculinity. The need to achieve, produce, compete, dominate, gain more, are all expressions of masculine energy. We operated in logic with decisive actions and control. Then boom, insert #Covid19 and life spun the world on its' axis!

Across the globe mankind was forced to #HaveSeveralSeats as governments mandated #quarantine and #SocialDistancing orders! It has been a challenge for many, devastating for others as well as a time of beauty, connection and restoration or rekindling for others still. We've seen a surge in creativity right? How many new talents have you learned about your friends? YOURSELF for that matter?! Our timelines have been filled with pure magic! The world has allowed us to bear witness to the power of collaboration and just how nurturing we are at our core as human beings. We are having new experiences with ourselves and family, connecting with our senses and nature, nurturing and receiving; and that dear friends is feminine energy at its' finest!

Taking a page from The Nap Ministry, RWAY views #RestAsResistance and has celebrated with all those that have tapped into the productivity of rest! You read that correctly and read it again, there is PRODUCTIVITY IN REST! Here is an article highlighting the benefits of sleep and a quote for The Nap Ministry's site. "We believe rest is a form of resistance and name sleep deprivation as a racial and social justice issue." When we take this approach to rest, when we recognize for some less is thriving right now, we too can shift our focus inward to what it is that we need to thrive in this moment as well as those we love and care for and from there move into alignment.

Life right now is not about this or that, one or the other, doing or not doing. Now is a time for reflection, understanding, compassion, and patience. Each day presents itself with a new set of joys, triumphs, challenges and changes. With each day, we must to present ourselves to the world in the process of a foreign lifestyle. Do what you must to be filled, let go of what you can and be in tune with you mind, body and spirit now more than ever. Create balance and moments of joy each day! Be gentle with yourself and others!

Peace and Blessings,


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