Starting Over, Again

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Peace and Blessings Family,

Can I keep it real with ya'll for a minute?! There seems to be a huge misunderstanding. My practice is FAR from perfect. I repeat, I do not have a perfect yoga practice or daily routine that is anywhere near what I aspire it to be!! Most of us do not perform at the level we desire, which is why grace is so important when dealing with ourselves and others. I rise each day with the goal of being a better me, a better wife, a better mother, a better business owner, community member, a better Kinyata.

The truth is, I fight against my own insecurities and poor habits daily. I fight to own my beauty as a chocolate skinned woman in a white-washed, euro-centric society. I fight thoughts of doubt, lack, and uncertainty. I fight to unlearn the patterns of behavior that no longer serve me, if they ever truly did benefit my life. This daily battle with self includes constantly assessing my communication and how I show up in the world, changing my relationship with money and finances, and a complete overhaul of how I parent.

Still think yogi's have it all together? What I do have is a solid foundation to begin each day with. A view point or perspective if you will, a mindset that empowers me to keep going. Yoga is all about the power of the mind and breath. Contrary to practice in the western world, which focuses on the "asana" or postures in yoga, the majority of the eight limbs of yoga are routed in the breath and meditation.

Another beautiful aspect of viewing life through an opportunistic perspective is that I see each moment as an opportunity for rebirth. Each breath is an chance to grow, to gain, to become better. Instead of harping on and berating myself of the areas in which I need some work, I celebrate the gift of each day as a blessing and do my best to bless others.

The truth is, I've fought hard to become the woman I am. I worked my tail off and rooted myself in community to create the networks and platforms I have access to. I do not come from a silver spoon, from money or generational wealth or knowledge. Without a "proper" education, I MAKE IT HAPPEN! Without any of the accolades society demands, I AM WORTHY. I am worthy of all the abundance, recognition and prosperity that comes my way.

I refuse to continue to be my own worst enemy. I have overcome ever obstacle placed in my path. I have had a lot and I have had a little. I have been on the top and on the bottom. I have led and I have followed. I have been in a position to help and needed help. Regardless of our position in life, we all start over, every day. It behooves us to embrace the opportunity to start over, however it presents itself.

How can you become better? How do you wish to transform your life? What are the areas you are improving? Did you invest in yourself today? What did you feed your being? What do you need to shed?

Don't be afraid to start over, it's a chance to create what you deserve, to create SOMETHING BETTER!

Stay Safe,


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