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Group Sessions
Bring us to your organization for special events, retreats and group classes for your staff or constituents for yoga, dance and more.

$49      single session

$169    5 sessions
$349   10 sessions
$699   20 sessions

Private Group Sessions
Work with one of our yoga instructors for a personal mobile session. We'll come to your home or office for a 45- or 60-minute session.

$69      single session

$269    5 sessions
$559    10 sessions
$999   20 sessions

Nonprofit and Government Wellness Program Design

Remembrance Wellness and Yoga will provide regular weekly to monthly services for your organization, staff and constituents. Let us bring yoga, dance and other gentle mindfulness and wellness programming to your:

  • Recreation and Community Centers

  • Nonprofit Organizations

  • Senior Centers and Nursing Homes

  • Schools and School District Offices

  • Shelters and Housing Programs

  • Government and Social Service Agencies

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program today.

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Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for private sessions, semi-private sessions and group classes.