Yoni Breath Meditation

Explore the power of your breath to heal, rejuvenated and restore your womb and creative storehouse. This guided meditation encourages the releasing trauma, stagnant sensual/sexual energy and embracing your divine feminine nature.


Oracle Readings

Receive guidance upon your journey through an oracle card reading. Allow your spirit to lead you to finding the answers and creating positive solutions to life's questions. 

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Energy (Chakra) Healing

Release stress and trauma, heal relationships, and create clarity in your life. Feel lighter and more confident, become more in tune to your intuition. Let go of  your own old crap that can be holding you back and isn't serving your highest good.

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Yoga Programs 

We bring yoga to life wherever you are! RWAY's custom yoga programs are perfect for the workplace, youth groups, rec centers, special events and more! 

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