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Remember Where Healing Begins

At Remembrance Wellness and Yoga (RWAY), we want you to experience what yoga can do for you. Connecting your mind, body, spirit and soul to ensure you reach new heights while fostering peace in our friendly, serene and inviting atmosphere. Our focus in is on the entry level, first year yogi, but all levels are welcome to benefit from our services. We focus on healing rather than fitness with gentle, restorative poses and sequences.


RWAY is unique in the sense that we are a traveling studio that partners with various healing and community spaces across Colorado to sharing our health and wellness services. 


At RWAY, we support, teach, and guide you on your personal wellness journey by focusing exclusively on you and nurturing your unique needs. Ease your mind, allow us to work with your body while transforming your beautiful spirit and the community as a whole.


It is our goal to demystify yoga, make it accessible to all, and provide a compassionate and welcoming atmosphere where you join others on a journey reflective of your own. Our sessions are light and fun and create space for expression of a range of emotions.


As our mission extends much further than within our studio classes, we work in underserved communities and design events and activities for social justice workers, caretakers and women’s healing. We are passionate about the health and wellness of marginalized communities. We design and facilitate yoga and wellness programs for special events, retreats, community organizations, housing programs, senior centers, businesses, government agencies and schools for both staff and faculty as well as the parent and student communities.